Dominik Cziesche - Communication Advisor


Cut through the noise!

Reputation – Thought Leadership – Crisis

Dominik and his team at Panke Consulting help organizations to cut through the noise with their corporate communication. Panke is specialized in developing strategies and content that sticks – for thought leadership and reputation programs as well as during transformations and crises.

The disconnect between what organizations have to say and what audiences believe couldn't be any bigger than it is today. Growing cynicism and abundance of information online make it ever harder to become relevant and to be heard. 

Simply producing more content and opening additional channels burns resources and creates more noise. Reaching true relevance therefore requires companies to craft strategies which combine thoughtful (digital) distribution with target group analysis and messages that truly matter. This is what we do at Panke Consulting.

As of 2018, we are currently working on larger assignments for the following clients:

  • One of the world's leading technology companies (since 6 years)
  • Some of Germany's leading insurance companies (repeat clients since over 5 years)
  • An international petrochemical company (repeat client since over 5 years)
  • A large international organization (repeat client since 2 years)
  • A German Ministry (since 2018)
  • One of Germany's leading foundations (since 2018)
  • Two public utilities (since one and two years respectively)
  • Two insurtechs (since 2018)
  • One fintech (since 2017)
  • Plus a small number of confidential clients and short-term assignments.

References can be provided on request.